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Structural products such as foundations, concrete in situ and systems, masonry, steel and earth.

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BEEB™ Solar Canopies & Structures

The BEEB™ is a solar canopy system in structures for commercial, and public infrastructure -bus shelters, parking canopies and solar charging EV-Stations. altPlus solutions reduce the carbon footprint & improve the health, wellbeing & efficiency of our buildings & spaces while improving our everyday surroundings.
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Brick Construction

Brick construction is a timeless method of building that has been utilized for centuries due to its durability, ability to withstand various weather conditions, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, brick construction offers structural integrity and a classic look that stands the test of time.
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Mud Brick Walls

Mud bricks have been used in construction for centuries due to their sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Made from clay, sand, water, and often straw, they are molded and sun-dried. Known for their excellent thermal properties, mud bricks provide natural insulation for comfortable indoor temperatures. Environmentally friendly, they require minimal energy to produce and can be recycled back into the earth. This traditional material remains popular for its durability and low environmental impact.
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Block Construction

Block construction utilizes concrete or masonry blocks to swiftly build structures like walls and buildings. Blocks, made from materials like concrete or clay, are stacked and bonded with mortar, offering efficiency and durability. This method is valued for its speed, versatility, and strength, making it a popular choice in both residential and commercial construction.
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LVB™ Structural Composite Lumber

We use the most useful, rapidly renewable resource in the world, to improve life on earth. The altPlus LVB™ structural composite lumber is extremely versatile, that has a high load-bearing capacity combined with slim dimensions making it suitable for large spans. The lumber also has exceptional surface quality and is locally sourced and made from rapidly renewable raw material. altPlus LVB™delivers the highest performance in engineered bamboo structure systems and the sustainability leadership for a new generation of architectural products.
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Masonry involves constructing structures from individual units, such as bricks, stones, or concrete blocks, bound together by mortar. It's renowned for its durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal. Masonry techniques have evolved over centuries, combining tradition with modern innovation ensuring structures that stand the test of time.
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