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Drees & Sommer SE - OWP12, Stuttgart

OWP12 Stuttgart Banner

At the headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, Drees & Sommer has been building its own new company building since autumn 2019, which meets all modern requirements for environmental friendliness and digitalization. As an internal company project, the construction project offers the unique opportunity to try out promising future technologies in the construction industry and to generate valuable knowledge for customer projects. The €22m energy-plus customized smart building follows circular economy principles and is due for completion in the fall of 2021. It will offer 7,000 sqm across four stories, providing offices for 200 staff members, conference rooms, a terrace, and a canteen for up to 1,000 people.

Client: Drees & Sommer

Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Project duration: 07/2017 - 12/2021

Additional value:

  • Energy-plus building: designed to generate more energy during operation than it consumes
  • Customized smart building
  • Materials passport storing detailed information about the properties of the used materials
  • Cradle to Cradle design principles
  • Combining Building Information Modeling and Lean principles to reduce construction time to a minimum