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Kragelj Arhitekti - GenePlanet

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GenePlanet employs talented and savvy people who are drawn to exciting discoveries like magnets. They set huge goals, move quickly, and tackle challenges with a determined spirit. Having an awesome team to work with is of course a great start.

But here’s their secret weapon.

GenePlanet’s leaders know exactly how to bring out the best in their people. They constantly improve their work practices and invest in an environment that breeds success.

The old office was becoming too small for the fast-growing teams. In addition, they didn’t facilitate effective work or reflect GenePlanet’s character.

That’s all in the past now.

GenePlanet’s new home speaks volumes about the company. When you look around, you immediately get a sense of the energy of the business and how it operates. And this isn’t all about image. It’s about connecting people with a purpose. The space says it loud and clear…

Positive changes? Here are just a few of them.

  • The office has lots of clean fresh air. You really need that to stay fully awake and get your brain working.
  • The heating and cooling system is top notch, so no-one sweats or shivers. (Oh, the good ol’ aircon. Everyone has some stories.)
  • There’s plenty of daylight, which makes such a difference.
  • Artificial lighting is designed to feel natural, and is gentle on the eyes.
  • All areas have great acoustics. Why is this important? It’s so much easier to have a fluid conversation when you’re not distracted by noise or echo.
  • When you’re looking to catch up with someone, there are plenty of different, friendly settings to choose from.
  • But finding a peaceful spot is equally easy. In fact, the workstation areas are surprisingly quiet – just what you need when it’s time to concentrate.
  • Isn’t it awesome to work in a space that’s filled with life? Green plants all around. And look at the giant tree in the central atrium. Yes, it’s a real tree!
  • Why not cycle to work and start your day on a high? Easy. GenePlanet has the shower facilities you need to start the day fresh.
  • And last but not least: a large outdoor deck. What a great space to work or socialize.