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McGregor Coxall - Sydney Modern Project: Art Gallery NSW

Sydney Modern Project: Art Gallery NSW Banner

The Sydney Modern Project expansion to the Art Gallery of NSW fulfils the Gallery’s need for more space for art whilst also respecting and amplifying public use of the surrounding landscape, retaining and celebrating significant trees and enhancing the accessibility of the precinct. The Landscape design includes a number of publicly accessible outdoor spaces that will allow for the display and enjoyment of art, including a public art garden, entry plaza, courtyards and three accessible roof terraces. A network of eight unique landscape spaces have been developed reflecting the Australian landscape through the use of native planting and existing topography.

The Sydney Modern will become a globally-linked cultural campus in an urban nexus that respects and creatively engages with the living heritage of the site. Interior spaces merge seamlessly with exterior zones, while the overall layout echoes the contours of the land. The arrangement of the new buildings will increase public accessibility through the space resulting in a new collaborative cultural landscape for the public to experience and enjoy art.