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McGregor Coxall - East Street Renewal

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A historically significant boulevard and former powerhouse of heavy industry, East Street has faced steep decline like many high streets across the UK. McGregor Coxall was commissioned to lead a multidisciplinary team to create an adaptable public realm that restores the dilapidated, vehicle-dominant space into a prosperous commercial and recreational haven for Bristol‘s rapidly growing community.

Coupled with nature-based drainage solutions, our landscape approach enhances urban greening through biophilic pocket parks, modular seating and planters, tree-lined avenues, and green entries to create a more comfortable, biodiverse street environment. Relocated bus services, reconfigured service vehicle access, and integrated active transport connected enhances pedestrian connectivity. With consideration to future functions, land use diversification and activation of East Street Square promote a healthy day-night economy by hosting an array of flexible outdoor tenancies. Local art-led projects, street, and façade art celebrates East Street’s culture.