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T3 Architects - Kanopya Living

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T3 Architects and partners designed these luxurious & truly sustainable kit lodges for tropical destinations, remote areas and heritage sites (due to ease of dismantling and low impact on site). It is not a tent but a real lodge made with a timber structure, properly insulated, and with a membrane roof above.

These timber lodges achieve the highest efficiency in terms of durability (typhoon and seismic resistant), energy (1/4 energy consumption compared to most 5-star bungalows), wellness (no chemicals, no plastics, proper air quality), aesthetics (unique and organic design for full immersion experience).

Regarding sustainability, hospitality brands have a key role to play in tourism whether in the construction of hotels, in their design, or in their operation. Promoting sustainable lodges is one solution. In this way, they reinforce the notion of ecotourism as a more sustainable long-term business model as opposed to altering or destroying habitats.