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Sustainable and eco-friendly building materials for cladding, including curtain walls, flat sheets, and panels, are essential for environmentally responsible construction. By using low-impact materials like thermally broken aluminum, recycled metals, and reclaimed wood, architects and builders can reduce the ecological footprint of their projects while maintaining aesthetics and durability.

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Arc e™ Screen

Arc e™ Screen is a patent-protected, solid, exterior grade, engineered bamboo cladding system, developed for the highest performing exterior cladding applications. altPlus is focused in the design, development, and manufacturing of the worlds most advanced architectural building materials and systems utilizing engineered bamboo.
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M Series™X Engineered Bamboo

M Series™X is produced by thermo treating selected bamboo to an exact state. altPlus solution to reduce the carbon footprint & improve the health, wellbeing & efficiencies of our buildings & spaces, while increasing durability &life time of our every day surroundings.
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