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CplusC Architects + Builders

Founded in 2005, CplusC specialises in designing and delivering sustainable, site specific architectural projects. Our ethos: to create holistically sustainable, perfectly liveable, expertly crafted, and uncompromised architectural spaces from a process of experimentation, mould-breaking and collaborative iteration that listens to the diverse experience background of our multi-disciplined team, achieving the ultimate outcome for our clients without compromising on architectural excellence.


CplusC continues to be at the forefront of sustainability within the Australian architecture and construction industry, winning two National Sustainability Building Awards in 2019 for the carbon-neutral Welcome to the Jungle House, home of CplusC Director Clinton Cole. The firm is also in the process of pursuing B Corp certification, to certify that the business’ sustainable and ethical policies are upholding standards of the most stringent level and address the growing responsibility firms have in the architectural and construction industry to combat the emission footprints of their projects.

CplusC also holds a JUST Label from the International Living Future Institute, making public and transparent various company policies across ethical and social justice issues in the categories of Diversity and Inclusion, Equity, Employee Health & Benefits, Stewardship, and Purchasing & Supply Chain. As well as utilising highly refined passive design principles specific to each project’s site, CplusC aims to conduct a Life-cycle-assessment (LCA) on 50% of new projects, identifying ways to reduce the carbon footprint of all projects during the design phase. Projects are designed with healthy, non-toxic materials in mind and utilise passive heating and cooling, natural ventilation, and high insulation design principles to ensure internal thermal comfort is as high as possible in every single home designed. This reduces and often removes the need for mechanical heating and cooling, thereby reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint over the project’s lifespan.

Currently designing a project pursuing the Living Building Challenge, CplusC has been researching and expanding their material library of extremely sustainable, locally manufactured materials that adhere to the Living Future Institute’s Red List of Ingredients, ensuring no harmful chemicals or processes are involved in the manufacturing of any material in the project.