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GreenA Consultants - Kigamboni Affordable Housing

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The Kigamboni Housing Estate is the first Green Mark Certified project in Africa and possibly the first green certified affordable housing estate in Africa. This project is developed by the National Housing Corporation, directly under the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements in Tanzania, with GreenA Consultants as the lead ESD Consultant. This affordable sustainable housing project in Dar es Salaam consists of 190 units.

Green homes are built with people in mind. They maximize the use of natural energy and decrease the consumption of non-renewable energy, thus, reducing carbon footprint. Sustainability is not limited to those who have the money nor does it require elaborate technology. It does however need a level of education and expertise to facilitate the energy efficiency efforts.

All the works of the houses are done by locals therefore spreading knowledge and skills throughout. There is a local training centre to train workers on trades including carpentry, plumbing as well as construction of walls using hydraform.

Other than improving skills for future employment opportunities, this project is also developed to be socially inclusive. The development aims to redefine the vision for affordable housing. With an emphasis on the flexibility and liveability of a space.

Some of the passive design strategies used.

• Minimize West and East facing façade to lessen sun exposure.

• Openings facing prevailing wind direction.

• Daylighting Fenestration

• Pitch roof design with air gap and perforation in the roof cavity provides and inexpensive method of direct solar radiation protection.

• Orientation of the houses are designed in such a way that the inter-blocking of winds are reduced.

• Natural ventilated with fan points and with good cross ventilation. Apparent shading is only at the front porch of the house.

• Feature homes with outdoor kitchen to promote natural ventilation in wet areas of the home. By placing the kitchen outdoors, ambient temperatures and indoor air quality are maintained.

• A spacious garden at the back of houses can also enhance the extraction of hot air.

• A CFD Analysis was conducted in the pre-design to enhance the opening configuration and to verify the appropriate air renovation rates.

Established in 2001, the Ashden Awards are a globally recognised measure for excellence in the field of green energy.Through Project Kigamboni, GreenA has been longlisted for the 2016 Ashden Awards as one of the 49 green energy organisations from all over the world recognised for the awards.