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Originating from Australia, the ‘Lomax Hoarding and Fencing System’ offers a range of clever modular products that can be deployed to build a range of compact and free-standing indoor or outdoor hoarding/barricade configurations that allows safe separation between construction and public spaces. By simply adding locally sourced panels and timbers, the various configurations are designed to free-stand indoors to 8mH and outdoors to a max 4mH with wind max speed capability of 34m/s (122.4Kph) – All hoarding configurations have been tested and certified in Australia with an external, independent structural engineer. All Lomax Products are designed to be 100% reusable so they help reduce the waste generated versus a traditional plywood-to-landfill method. The Lomax System is super easy to install and since it is free-standing, no additional repair or makegood is required to surrounding surfaces such as floors, ceilings or bulkheads. With our smart reusable product range, they can assist in reducing each of your projects carbon footprint, cutting costs and reducing waste again and again.