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BAUX - Factory Berlin

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Factory Berlin Moonbase: Influences from Scandinavia and Andy Warhol

Factory Berlin is a collective co-working space, inspired by Andy Warhol’s famed Factory studio in New York. Bringing together an international community of innovators, creators and changemakers, Factory Berlin is one of a growing number of co-working environments in the area.

A place for innovation

Designed by nod studios, an interior design practice also based in the city, the space features a separate area called The Moonbase. This part of the complex has 8 “bases” across 4 floors, each with a vibrant interior intended to mirror the energy of the startups housed there. BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool Panels and Tiles feature heavily in The Moonbase.

Visual variety

Base 1, measuring over 100 sqm, combines floral and geometric influences. BAUX Small Hexagons in shades of pink and purple line the walls in an elegant honeycomb pattern. Base 2, by contrast, makes use of BAUX Large Hexagons in cool shades of blue, grey and green for a more aquatic feel. Base 3 is tonally sombre, with BAUX Panels in grey and black dominating the walls. Bases 4 and 5 share a similar design. For this project, BAUX products served dual purposes: both as an acoustic solution and as a visual graphic. Each colour, shape and pattern was carefully picked according the particular look and feel of each room.

Scandinavian influences

Maria Guenther, co-founder and creative managing director, explains: 'The BAUX acoustic products contributed a lot to this project as they come in a great variety of shapes and colours. For example, the wood wool hexagon tiles in small and large fit perfectly to the Scandinavian interior design style. Combining different colour tones we created a wall graphic, which was both a stylistic element and a practical acoustic absorber. The bigger wood wool panels in black and grey were arranged in a linear way and used for the rougher industrial style. With acoustic products from BAUX we were able to round off our design concepts with unique and functional wall decorations'.

Coworking on the rise

Facilities like Factory Berlin’s Moonbase are becoming increasingly commonplace. As of 2019, nearly 20,000 coworking spaces exist worldwide, and that number looks set to grow. More than 3 million people work in collaborative open environments. The United States currently leads the pack, with more than 80 million square feet given to flexible workspaces.

Although popular for their cost-effective nature and collaborative potential, coworking spaces are often noisy and distracting. As a result, architects and designers are increasingly turning to functional, sustainable and beautiful sound control solutions such as BAUX.