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GreenA Consultants - Zero Energy Home

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In Venturesberg Township, Zimbabwe, in a place where electricity blackouts and water disruptions occur often, building a sustainable home seemed like the way to go for this progressive client. This project is targeted to achieve an energy reduction of more than 50% and a water reduction usage from municipal sources by 50% with on-site rainwater harvesting.

These are some of the techniques being used in this project:

Passive Design Alterations

To reduce the heat gain of the house, vents will be added into the gabled roof to remove heat-gain in the attic, preventing heat from seeping into the habitable rooms.

Solar Energy and Hot-Water System

A domestic hot-water system will also be used to provide hot water for the house’s use, and solar panels to supply the home’s
energy demand.

Reducing Heat-Island Effect with Plants

In that area, temperature can rise up to 30°C in the warmest months. Drought tolerant plants like Pigeonwood and Sierra Leone Lily will be used to reduce heat-island effect.

Energy Efficiency

CFD analysis will be done to verify the thermal comfort, and glass of SC values <0.5 will be used to filter heat from entering the habitable rooms.

Water Efficiency

To attain 50% water reduction, some methods such as rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation system and efficient fittings such as dual flush cisterns, low flow showers will be used.

Resources Conservation

To conserve materials in a bid to protect the environment, there will be a composting corner recommended to be placed within the kitchen, where food waste can be composted. To cultivate green habits amongst the family and especially the children, there will be reusable bags placed beside the door and a recycling corner for material segregation.