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Tony Ip Green Architects - Food Factory

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Conventional boundaries have long defined spaces of food production in the field and factory. As a result, there is a disconnect in the consumer’s experience of food production that must be rethought to encourage positive and healthy food practices. Our design concept is to return to the roots of food production, to bridge back the connection of growth from nature as the fundamental bond between people and food. Our vision is to create a space that initiates an exploratory and lively sensory experience for the world as a food-consuming community, a place of self-discovery through interaction with the natural environment.

We believe that learning is best done through an exploratory narrative. In a sequence of outdoor sensorial exhibits on the ground floor, consumers are provided with an opportunity to find their own special moment of discovery. The exhibits promote the notion of playing in the outdoor setting. The proposed multimedia center offers a variety of different experiences for the visitors that are conducive to the role of barilla being the center of the pasta industry. The ground floor experience provides a storied journey into the production of pasta. While the second floor provides a space for interactivity between start-ups and encourages conversation.